Ex-Im Bank

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Ex-Im Bank is focused on helping U.S. small businesses and has a dedicated team to assist them. In fiscal 2011 Ex-Im Bank supported a record $6 billion in small business exports. On average, 87% of transactions benefit small business exporters of U.S.-made goods and services and no transaction is too small.

How Ex-Im Bank Can Assist

Risk Protection

Making international sales is challenging enough without worrying about getting paid. Ex-Im Bank’s export credit insurance policy provides payment coverage for both commercial risks (such as buyer default) and political risks (such as war). The Bank protects sales to a single buyer or an entire export portfolio.

Extend Credit to Buyers

The insurance also enables exporters to sell on competitive “open account” terms, instead of requiring cash-in-advance or costly and complicated letters of credit. Businesses will no longer forego sales because they cannot match the credit terms offered by global competitors. Furthermore, insured foreign receivables may be used to increase an exporter’s borrowing base with a lender, thereby accelerating cash flow.

Working Capital

Ex-Im Bank can help U.S. companies obtain vital loans to fulfill export orders. An Ex-Im Bank guaranteed credit line may be used to purchase finished products, pay for raw materials, supplies, labor and overhead, and even cover standby letters of credit used as performance or bid bonds. The Bank’s guarantee turns an exporter’s inventory into eligible collateral for the lender.

Term Financing

Foreign buyers may obtain competitive financing (with extended repayment terms) to buy U.S.-made capital goods and services.

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Export Loans – SBA

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Financing Your Small Business Exports

Many small businesses think they are too small to compete in the world market. In fact, 97 percent of all exporters are small businesses. The federal government has loans, insurance and grant programs to help you become an exporter or expand your exporting business.

SBA Export Loan Programs

SBA Export Express offers financing up to $500,000. It is the simplest export loan product offered by the SBA and allows participating lenders to use their own forms and procedures. The SBA determines eligibility and provides a loan approval in 36 hours or less.

The Export Working Capital loan provides advances for up to $5 million to fund export transactions from purchase order to collections. This loan has a low guaranty fee and quick processing time.

SBA’s International Trade Loan Program provides small businesses with enhanced export financing options for their export transactions. The ITL is designed to help small businesses enter and expand into international markets and, when adversely affected by import competition, make the investments necessary to better compete. The ITL offers a combination of fixed asset, working capital financing and debt refinancing with the SBA’s maximum guaranty— 90 percent— on the total loan amount.

Other Federal Export Financing Programs

The federal government has several additional loan programs, grant and contract opportunities, and insurance programs for exporters. To find the program that best suits your export needs, visit Business.USA.gov.

Also, at Export.gov you’ll find additional resources from across the U.S. government including market research, trade leads and information about export finance.

The Trade Information Center, 1-800-USA-TRADE, is staffed by international trade specialists who provide information about government export programs; the export process; market research, statistics and trade leads; trade events and activities; public and private export financing; and referrals to federal, state and local resources.

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Exporting – SBA

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Small businesses looking to increase sales and profit are taking their businesses global. SBA provides counseling, training and financing to support small business export opportunities.

US Export Assistance Centers

USEACs provide export assistance and counseling for small businesses.

Export Loans

SBA provides a number of loan programs specifically designed to help develop or expand trade and export activities.

Export Business Planner

A free, customizable tool for small business owners who want to begin exporting.

STEP Grants Pilot

Learn about SBA’s State Trade and Export Promotion program.

Explore Exporting

Doing business internationally may seem overwhelming at first. A number of government programs that offer training and financial assistance to small businesses can help.

Export Success Story Videos

Check out the winners for SBA and Visa’s “My U.S. Export Story” video contest. These videos tell the stories of small business success in exporting.

Contact SBA Exporting Staff

Find contact information and key staff at SBA’s Office of International Trade.

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Free Online Export Training

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Export-U.com is a free export training website operated by the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Atlanta, and the Georgia SBDC International Trade Center. You can register at no cost to view any export training seminars of interest. Our goal is simply to deliver concise and accurate international trade information to help you safely develop export sales, regardless of your location, resources, or time schedule.

Funding support for these export webinars has been generously provided by the U.S. Commercial Service under its Rural Export Initiative, and by the U.S. Small Business Administration through its cooperative agreement with the University Of Georgia and the Georgia SBDC Network.

We hope you find Export-U.com helpful in developing your international business.

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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

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FDI & Trade

The Global Division at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce is committed to growing Oklahoma’s economy through international trade and foreign direct investment.

Foreign Direct Investment in Oklahoma

Oklahoma brings you in touch with more than 80 million people within a 500 mile radius and is equidistant between New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Toronto. Oklahoma is ideally positioned to serve not just America, but NAFTA and world markets as well.

FDI Facts

  • U.S. subsidiaries of global companies play a vital role in Oklahoma’s economy, insourcing 36,800 jobs-an increase of 8.6 percent over six years.
  • U.S. subsidiaries write pay checks to nearly 3 percent of Oklahoma’s private-sector workforce.
  • More than 40 percent of jobs at U.S. subsidiaries in Oklahoma are in the manufacturing industry-accounting for 15,700 jobs.
  • Oklahoma is home to more than 140 FDI companies. Major sources of foreign investment in Oklahoma include: France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Mexico.

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Trade Services

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s Global team offers a range of personalized services to Oklahoma companies seeking to expand their business by trading internationally. These include trade assistance, access to partners, and STEP Fund financing for international marketing.

The Impact of Trade on Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma exported more than $6.2 Billion for 2011
  • Export-supported jobs linked to manufacturing accounted for an estimated 4.9% of Oklahoma’s total private-sector employment. Nearly one-quarter (22.5%) of all manufacturing workers in Oklahoma depended on exports for their jobs.
  • A total of 2,404 companies exported goods from Oklahoma. Of those, 2,044 (85 percent) were small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises generated over one-third (32 percent) of Oklahoma’s total exports of merchandise.

Prepared by the Office of Trade and Industry Information, International Trade Administration, and U.S. Department of Commerce. (2009 data latest available)

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Partner Organizations

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This web site is your one-stop-shop for finding the resources you need to help your firm succeed in its international trade initiative.

The U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce is a federal government agency dedicated to helping small-to-medium sized companies with their exporting strategies. For over 20 years the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce has successfully brought together exporters and importers of U.S. goods and services around the world. Our team of more than 1,800 trade professionals in 105 U.S. cities and 151 U.S. Embassies, Consulates and Trade Centers around the world is here to help companies navigate the complex international trade process

Our experienced staff of International Trade Specialists located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa are committed to helping your business export.

Our trade experts assist U.S. firms in exporting their products and services by providing comprehensive counseling and advice, through timely and accurate intelligence regarding foreign markets, by identifying qualified international buyers and representatives, by advocating on their behalf, and by providing comprehensive solutions to whatever challenges they may encounter.

For more information on how we can help your company succeed in the global marketplace, please visit our services page. To learn first-hand how we can help your company grow internationally, click on Tell Us About You.

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The NASBITE CGBP confirms knowledge in international trade and assures that employees are able to practice global business at the professional level required in today’s competitive environment.

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Export Business Planner– For Your Small Business

The Export Business Planner is a free, customizable tool for small business owners who are exploring exporting. Using the planner, you can work through the critical processes of export readiness and planning via a ready-made, easily accessible document that can be updated and referenced time and again as your export business grows. If you have a successful product or service you may be able to increase sales and profit by exporting.

Download the Export Business Planner (PDF) here.

A downloadable tool to save and customize

  • How to determine your export readiness
  • Training and counseling information
  • Worksheets for global market research
  • Financing information and options
  • Customizable export and marketing plan templates

How to download

The Export Business Planner is in PDF format. To view, save and print it, you will need the most current version of Adobe Reader, a free download that may be obtained from the Adobe website. Visit the Adobe site to ensure that you are using the latest version, and be sure to read the Adobe Electronic End User License Agreement and any other instructions prior to installing the Adobe Reader on your system. (Note: If you have Adobe Acrobat version 9 or later on your computer, you won’t need the free Reader.)

Once you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click on the Export Business Planner link. To save, choose File > Save A Copy.

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Export Readiness Assessment

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Export Questionnaire

This questionnaire highlights characteristics common to successful exporters. Many of these questions will guide you into areas of our homepage where you can obtain more information on exporting. You will receive a score once you complete the questionnaire, which will help you to assess your export readiness, as well as an identification of areas your business needs to strengthen to improve its export activities.

1. Does your company have a product or service that has been successfully sold in the domestic market?

2. Does your company have or is your company preparing an international marketing plan with defined goals and strategies?

3. Does your company have sufficient production capacity that can be committed to the export market?

4. Does your company have the financial resources to actively support the marketing of your products in the targeted overseas markets?

5. Is your company’s management committed to developing export markets and willing and able to dedicate staff, time and resources to the process?

6. Is your company committed to providing the same level of service given to your domestic customers?

7. Does your company have adequate knowledge in modifying product packaging and ingredients to meet foreign import regulations and cultural preferences?

8. Does your company have adequate knowledge in shipping its product overseas, such as identifying and selecting international freight forwarders and freight costing?

9. Does your company have adequate knowledge of export payment mechanisms, such as developing and negotiating letters of credit?

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Oklahoma State University

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The Center for International Trade & Development is a non-profit provider of export assistance to small businesses in Oklahoma. We provide advisory services in a variety of capacities and work with clients who have extensive experience in exporting as well as those who have yet to develop an international marketplace.

Wes Watkins Center

The Wes Watkins Center for International Trade and Development is located in Stillwater on the Oklahoma State University campus. Founded by Congressman Wes Watkins in 1990, the building serves as the hub of international activies for the university. The building hosts the Division of International Studies and Outreach and serves as the gateway for international students and visitors.

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