International trade opportunities for small and medium-sized firms based in Oklahoma are expanding. With a thorough readiness assessment, industry and market analysis, and a review of overseas trade opportunities, the International Trade Center (ITC) can assist in preparing a customized plan to help your business enter or expand into global markets.  

The ITC is located at the Wes Watkins Center for International Trade Development on the campus of Oklahoma State University. The ITC offers one-on-one consulting to assist small businesses in developing a strategy for connecting with international buyers, developing export readiness, and accessing foreign market information and trade financing.  


Export and Import Assistance

The OKSBDC-ITC at Oklahoma State University offers trade facilitation services to businesses in Oklahoma. Services include:  

  • Export Readiness Assessment 
  • International Inquiry Response 
  • Country by Country Protocol Review 
  • International Market Research & Evaluation 
  • Customs & Export Compliance Review 
  • Shipping & Logistics Advice  
  • Trade Education, Training, & Resources 
  • Export Finance Advice 
  • Harmonized Tariff Classification Review 
  • International Strategy Formulation  


Trade Passport: Offers on-demand training for USA-based small and medium sized businesses that are focused on international trade as a pathway to business growth. Trade Passport along with other tools and resources are available to your business through the ITC. 

Our network:

The ITC works with the Oklahoma Export Ecosystem partners to make sure that your small business benefits from relevant state and federal resources.  

Need help with international trade?

Click the button below to take advantage of the ITC services.  ITC advisors will schedule an appointment to discuss how your small business can start the export process or expand to new global markets.

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