Kelly Burton, the proprietor of Boards by Kelly, sought guidance from the OKSBDC three months after launching her business. She aimed to ensure her business was set up correctly and to increase its visibility within the Canadian County communities. With the help of Advisor Emily Beesley, Kelly established action steps for business insurance, customer reach expansion, and website improvements. Emily’s marketing advice enhanced Kelly’s online and physical presence as a local business offering exquisite charcuterie boards for personal parties and corporate events. Kelly joined two local Chambers of Commerce, spoke at the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, and catered for the Piedmont Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. She expanded her customer reach to churches, educational institutions, and banks, leading to more leads and increased business. 

Kelly revamped her website based on Emily’s review, improving her online visibility with SEO. Emily provided Kelly with resources to secure necessary permits/licenses, enabling her to obtain her food handlers license as a private chef. This ensured she had everything needed for a legitimate business. Over the past six months, Boards by Kelly has seen substantial growth, due to networking opportunities in the local Canadian County communities. The business was recently featured in City Lifestyle magazine, where Kelly shared how to assemble a charcuterie work of art. Kelly expressed her gratitude for the OKSBDC’s assistance, from business start-up to client interaction and license help. As Kelly continues to grow her business, the OKSBDC plans to provide ongoing support.  

“It has been incredibly resourceful,” says Kelly. “From business start up, to interacting with clients, to license help… It has been a huge blessing to have someone to sit down with your one-on-one to help your dream of owning a business come to fruition.” 

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