Managing Your Business

This section will guide you through the most common management issues faced by small business owners today.

I. Successful Managerial Tactics

The 10 Commandments of Managing a Small Business
Author: 2020 Group
The 2020 Group is a membership organization for accountants and tax professionals.

II. Accounting

Accounting Basics
Author: EasyPC Training
“This booklet is designed to give the reader an overview of general bookkeeping practices and accounting terminology.”

III. Employees

Hiring Your Spouse as an Employee
Author: Unknown
“This letter is intended to respond to your questions about some of the federal income tax pros and cons of hiring a spouse as an employee in a family business.”

Hiring and Terminating Employees
Author: SCORE
This short document provides some key advice concerning the hiring and firing of employees.

Labor Department’s Wage & Hour FAQs
Author: Oklahoma Department of Labor
The Department of Labor created this document to answer the common questions about the laws regarding wages, breaks, overtime, benefits, and several other issues.

IV. Problems and Solutions

Challenges in Managing a Family Business
Author: Small Business Administration (SBA)
“This publication discusses [unique] challenges from the viewpoint of the family member who is the company’s manager or who is involved in management. It offers suggestions to help you manage effectively and profitably.”

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