Starting a Business

This is the first step towards starting a business. In this section, you will learn about the importance of planning and how to set up your business according to the laws and regulations set by the State of Oklahoma.

I. Business Basics

Business Basics: A Guide For New Businesses in Oklahoma
Author: Susan Urbach, Director of Central Oklahoma SBDC
This guide will introduce you to the most important aspects of starting a business in Oklahoma. Several of the topics covered include: legal structures, tax ID, sales tax, insurance needs, and many others. Many new business seminars use this as their text.

Self-Evaluation Checklist for Going Into Business
Author: SBA, SCORE
A series of questions designed to help determine whether your personal characteristics, attitudes, likes and dislikes are indicative of whether you are well-suited to starting your own business.

10 Tips For Buying a Small Business
Author: Merger Network
This booklet, produced by the research team of the Merger Network, discusses their key findings and advice for those considering purchasing a business.

II. Legal Structures

Choose Your Structure – Business Structure Comparison Chart
Compare the four business structures: Sole Proprietorship, C-Corporation, S-Corporation and Limited Liability Company.

Oklahoma Secretary of State – Online Filing
This link will take you to the OK Secretary of State’s website where you can file your business entity online.

Oklahoma Secretary of State – Downloadable Business Forms
This link will take you to the OK Secretary of State’s website where you will be able to download the busines entity registration forms.

III. Registration and Tax Requirements

Oklahoma Tax Commission Business Registration Forms
The link above will take you to the Oklahoma Tax Commission website where you can download the latest registration packets. There are two packets, Packet A is the Oklahoma Business Registration Packet and Packet M is the Oklahoma Business Registration Packet for Manufacturers.

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