Success Story…2010 Oklahoma Women in Business Champion of the Year


In 1989 Darcie Harris founded EWF International to help women grow their business by providing peer advisory groups, coaching and consulting in Oklahoma City. In 2005, Darcie was able to expand the concept to Tulsa and Denver with a new group beginning in Norman in 2010. As a business consultant, mentor, coach, and advocate for female business owners and executives, Darcie has helped countless women realize their professional dreams. She finds fulfillment of her own dreams by encouraging women to think big, pursue their passions and achieve their personal best.

Darcie has trained and worked with women business owners who continue to excel. The average increase in revenue for women entrepreneurs who participate in the advisory group forums is almost $278,500 and 93 percent of members report they have a better understanding of their company’s strategic indicators.

Recently Darcie shared her passion for female entrepreneurship by volunteering with the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW). In 2009 Darcie traveled to Rwanda as part of the IEEW team and presented a leadership training program to Rwandan female entrepreneurs, then visited each of the student’s businesses. In 2009 Darcie mentored a woman from Afghanistan who desired to become a business consultant to other women and she is currently mentoring another Afghani woman.

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