Minority Owned Business

Based on strongly supported statistics, across the country minority business owners’ account for more than 4.1 million firms and generate approximately $700 billion dollars annually. Besides bringing in so much money, minority owned businesses also employ over 7 million individuals. If you are wondering whether you qualify as a minority owned business, to be considered in this category, the business must be owned, operated and controlled specifically by a minority group member as well as being a for-profit company.

The Minority-Owned Start Up

If you’re ready to begin your minority-owned business yet you have no idea where to start, do not allow the daunting task to keep you from success. We at OSBDC (Oklahoma Small Business Development Center) understand your desire to have a successful business and we are here to help you with a host of specialized services for your minority-owned business. Whether your goal is to start a new business, expand on the one you now own or possibly bring in a partner, the OSBDC is here to help you with all your business needs.

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

We at OSBDC clearly know the ins and outs of business and we also know how difficult things can be in the current economy. In addition to knowing everything about business, we also know the various challenges you will face as you prepare to start your business. Consequently, whether you want to start, expand or even close a business, we have all the answers to your most pressing questions and will provide the appropriate guidance and direction required. Above and beyond being able to help you with every aspect of your business, we also have a multitude of resources available to help you with training and assistance as well as financing your new minority-owned business. Furthermore, we post an array of articles that cover topics such as how to choose insurance for your business, hiring employees, marketing your business and so much more.

Oklahoma’s Economy

At the core of our objective is being able to help new and already established businesses at every level and that means having access to business counseling, workshops and ongoing support for a business venture. OSBDC in Oklahoma knows that successful minority owned businesses can help to keep our economy strong. When you’re ready to learn more about your new business venture, please visit OSU Northeastern and let us provide you with the support and help you need to grow your business.

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