Could You Survive a Disaster?

Given the following scenario, please answer the questions below.

Your building has been totally destroyed, you didn’t get anything out and you can’t go back in. For the purpose of these questions, the reason doesn’t matter.


  1. How long would it take to replace your building (or move to a new location), replace your critical equipment and reopen?
  2. With your building destroyed, your income stopped and given your answer to question 1, how long could you survive with the funds you have now?
  3. Do you know what insurance(s) you have, is it/are they enough to restart your business and how long would it take you to get those funds?
  4. Do you have pictures of your current facility, a complete inventory of equipment and copies of your insurance policies stored off site to facilitate your claim for damages?
  5. Do you have the names and contact information for the parties needed to rebuild your facility, replace your equipment and restart your business?
  6. Do you have a way to inform your customers and others who need to know what happened, and what do you tell them?
  7. What legal documents, vital records and special forms do you need to operate your business, and how soon could you replace them if destroyed?
  8. Do you have backups of your PC data stored off site, how long would it take you to get new hardware and do you know how to restore your data on new hardware?
  9. Do you have a written plan for how to recover from this or other disasters?
  10. Where do I go for help?

For the answer to Question 10, call (580) 745-2877.

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