Export Readiness Assessment

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Export Questionnaire

This questionnaire highlights characteristics common to successful exporters. Many of these questions will guide you into areas of our homepage where you can obtain more information on exporting. You will receive a score once you complete the questionnaire, which will help you to assess your export readiness, as well as an identification of areas your business needs to strengthen to improve its export activities.

1. Does your company have a product or service that has been successfully sold in the domestic market?

2. Does your company have or is your company preparing an international marketing plan with defined goals and strategies?

3. Does your company have sufficient production capacity that can be committed to the export market?

4. Does your company have the financial resources to actively support the marketing of your products in the targeted overseas markets?

5. Is your company’s management committed to developing export markets and willing and able to dedicate staff, time and resources to the process?

6. Is your company committed to providing the same level of service given to your domestic customers?

7. Does your company have adequate knowledge in modifying product packaging and ingredients to meet foreign import regulations and cultural preferences?

8. Does your company have adequate knowledge in shipping its product overseas, such as identifying and selecting international freight forwarders and freight costing?

9. Does your company have adequate knowledge of export payment mechanisms, such as developing and negotiating letters of credit?

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