Success Story…Davis Welding, LLC

In 2007, Scott Davis needed a way to haul large round bales of hay without investing in a large tractor or putting a hay spike in the back of his truck. Using his 25 years of welding skills and experience, Davis went to work and built the “Stick Wagon” hay hauler. “I came up with it out of necessity,” says Davis. The Stick Wagon is uniquely designed to be used with an ATV such as a 4-Wheeler or a John Deere Gator, small garden tractor, or other small motorized vehicle that normally could not be used to move large round bales of hay. The Stick Wagon can also be pulled with the traditional farm truck or tractor. The key to the functionality of the Stick Wagon is balance. It has been engineered to carry the weight of the hay bale on the wagon itself with minimum weight being transferred to the vehicle pulling the Stick Wagon. With the fold back tongue, the Stick Wagon can also be used as a hay feeder.

Realizing that he had a one of a kind hay hauler, Davis took his idea to the OSU Inventor’s Assistance Service where they ran a patent search and found that he had a clear, distinctive idea. The OSU Inventor’s Assistance Service provided funds for a patent lawyer to do the provisional patent on the Stick Wagon. The Davis’ were then referred to the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center for assistance in expanding their custom welding business into a manufacturing firm.

“The OKSBDC has helped us with licensing and the selection of a business structure to ensure the Stick Wagon has a successful future. The OKSBDC has been with us every step of the way,” says Scott Davis.

Davis contacted Melinda Craige in the Oklahoma SBDC and explained the concept of the Stick Wagon. Melinda then referred Davis to Bill Gregory in the OKSBDC for assistance with copyright and patent issues. Bill suggested that Davis file a Visual Arts, Technical Drawing Copyright on the idea so that he would have protection on how the Stick Wagon was made and prepared a draft of the copyright. Davis had been invited to bring his invention, the Stick Wagon, to the Farm Show in Tulsa. Because Davis needed to have his idea protected before introducing the Stick Wagon to the public, Bill worked quickly to prepare the copyright. Melinda then worked with the Davis’ to prepare a business plan, structure Davis Welding as an LLC, to obtain a sales tax permit and a manufacturing permit.

“The key to the success of Davis Welding LLC has been Scott and Kasey’s commitment to the development of the business. The Davis’ have received assistance from non-profit organizations, family, and friends and have made the most of every opportunity presented to them,” says Melinda Craige.

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