Determine the feasibility of your idea

Are you considering starting a business? This can be an exciting time and the Oklahoma SBDC Network is here to help you as you enter the entrepreneurship arena. Before you move forward with your idea and make the decision to start a business, you need to determine if you have all the tools you need to run your own business in a successful way. How do you begin to transform your idea into a reality? What are your resources? If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Consider the following as you begin mapping your idea:

Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Are you comfortable with taking risks?
Are you Independent? Do you trust your instincts – and not afraid of rejection every now and then?
Are you persuasive: Do you enjoy public speaking, meeting new people with ease and are you able to make compelling discussions grounded in facts?
Are you able to negotiate?
Are you creative; able to think of new ideas and imagine new ways to solve problems?
Are you willing to seek out guidance from others?

LET OKSBDC assist you as you navigate this first step. We have a team of experienced, highly credentialed business advisors ready to help you move your idea forward!


Top 10 Questions to Think About Before You Start