Success Story…Superior Thermal Solutions LLC

Business Description: Insulation services provider of foam, fiberglass, and cellulose as well as foam roofing installations and repair.

Problem Identification: The client requested assistance from SBDC to assist with the steps to develop and complete his business plan, determine the market feasibility, and obtain financing.

Assistance Provided: The SBDC advisor assisted with the completion of the business plan including projections and financials, assisted with review of industry data including Geographic Information System (GIS) and competitor data review in the region, understanding ownership structures and setting up his LLC, obtaining necessary permits, understanding costing and bidding, setting up social media accounts, and developing marketing plans.

Results Achieved: This client was successful in obtaining a loan from Arvest Bank for the purchase of his insulation trailer, equipment, and start up inventory. The client has since upgraded his company truck and plans to purchase additional equipment. The business has been successful and has created one full time and one part time job to date.

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