Hotel property owners and managers, Vik and Jenny Desai learned about OKSBDC small business advising services in 2019 with the goal of improving accounting. While these hotel owners were successful, they recognized the value of evaluation and assistance from an outside team. 

“…Then, 2020 hit, and the hospitality industry was crushed…” said Jenny Desai. The pair worked with OKSBDC throughout the pandemic for assistance navigating relief programs and for discussion on moving the business forward during difficult times. 

Jenny goes on, “After 2020/2021 settled down, we began meeting with Dana Hugle. We are a maturing company, and needed some guidance on HR best practices, growing a positive culture in our business, searching for the best insurance companies, and EIDL payback. We have relied on Dana and Ben Evans at OKSBDC to help guide us through this complicated process. It has been extremely helpful to have someone to ask questions to, someone who may have more access to higher levels of SBA, etc…” 

Advisors at OKSBDC assisted with HR and guest policy review. They also supported the business owners in discussions around employee training and retention. The hotel staff turnover rates have declined and the satisfaction rates have improved. 

Many small business owners are under the misconception that OKSBDC only works with start-up businesses; however, the business advisors address a number of issues from financial, to staffing, to marketing and much more. With a company that has a history of success in the industry, working with an OKSBDC advisor gives fresh perspective and the encouragement needed for the business owners to continue to move forward. 

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