Jacob Rowe, who comes from a family of chiropractors, originally went to school to become a music teacher. However, after realizing that a degree in music wasn’t for him, Jacob noticed that his back began to ache from his posture in class. Seeing this as a sign, he decided against his original plan and enrolled in medical school to become a chiropractor instead. 

Because of his family’s background, Dr. Rowe wanted to open his own Chiropractic office in the Oklahoma City area. During his preparations, Jacob’s bank referred him to the Oklahoma SBDC for business advising. While being familiar with running a chiropractic office thanks to his family’s background, business advisor Susan Urbach helped with the much finer details, assisting Dr. Rowe with things such as financial projections and loan applications. Finally, after meeting the federal and state obligations needed for his business to start, J. Rowe Chiropractic would officially open its doors. 

“My bank referred me to the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, and specifically to Susan,” says Dr. Jacob Rowe. “I am grateful because they knew she could help me work through my loan request exactly in the way that it needed to be done, and help my understanding at the same time. This is a great service, and I consider them a go-to source for good, solid information and advice.”

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