Women-Owned Business

If you are a woman-owned business in Oklahoma and are searching for support for different aspects of your business, the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center (OKSBDC) is the perfect place for receiving the help you need. Whether you are starting a new company, expanding the company you now own or need some guidance and direction for running your woman-owned business, OKSBDC can support you in reaching your goals. It may be that you need help with business licensing or financing, or perhaps you need guidance with tax related issues or legal structures. Regardless of the area of need or interest, OKSBDC will help aspiring women entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential.

Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation

Perhaps you are the sole proprietor of your business or possibly you are in partnership with others. You might even be forming a corporation. With so many variations to consider, it’s best to know your options as well as the different legalities that pertain to your business. Since there are so many different types of legal structures that must be considered, it’s important for you to understand the specifics of your particular business. In addition, many women-owned businesses are home based businesses and require a different set of structures. Be assured that everything you need to know including human resources as well as any tax implications are offered.

Support for all Business Matters

With OKSBDC offices set up all over the state, you won’t have to go far to receive the help you need. In addition, our website provides answers to many questions that you may ask yourself as you begin your new venture. More importantly, if an in-person visit is critical to your needs, the advisors at OKSBDC are eager to support you in running a successful business. With that in mind, you can readily receive valuable support and assistance with all your business matters from business plan development to copyrights, financing and loan packaging, legal issues, management, marketing strategies, website development and so much more. We at OKSBDC are here to help you reach your goals.