Success Story…Hastings Steakhouse


In the spring of 2007, Scott and Stephanie Hastings took their first step toward the fulfillment of their vision and prayers. Scott had enjoyed a successful career as a Process Engineer for an automotive remanufacturing plant in Oklahoma City. And, Stephanie enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom, wife, and home schooling their four children. Life was very good, but soon to get much better.

After attending the Oklahoma Small Business financial seminar ‘How to Get Money for Your New Business’ in March, the couple began to work diligently on their business plan. Through several sessions with Larry Siebert, Business Advisor, the couple finalized their plan and took the first step in their journey.

The location was, as Stephanie described “Perfect!” But, their path was not an easy one…lots of opportunities to give-in and walk away. Even though their marketing plan, in depth menu research, and financial planning were extensive, it did not make up for what the bank wanted to see in equity. During this difficult period, the couple continued with their vision through their faith and began building relationships with the Oklahoma State University Extension, USDA and the Rural Development Office exploring every possible niche for their solutions.

In June of 2007 a major piece of the puzzle was finally put in place. An existing restaurant in Guthrie became available. Several revisions to their financial plan and a loan approval were the final ingredients that opened the doors to Hastings Steakhouse and a lasting relationship with the previous owner, the Executive Chef of Oklahoma State University.

The success of Scott and Stephanie’s vision has now gone beyond the steps of the beautiful Old English ambiance at Hastings Steakhouse. They are co-owners of a second established restaurant in Guthrie, Granny Had One.