Management Training

Small Business Management Certificate Program

This program is a highly facilitated, hands-on process for taking control of twelve (12) core business management disciplines. Business owners learn how to apply key steps to analysis and move their business to the next level of success. One of the core values is Peer-to-Peer feedback where participants partner together to provide each other with real-life practical applications. It is divided into two levels, both covering six (6) topics, with each level offered over a seven-month period.

Using your issues and problems, the instructor helps you translate the material into information you can apply that day to your business. Leverage real-world case examples, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, customizable worksheets and additional reference information to guide you.

Utilizing the Strategic Management Learning System (SMLS) workbooks from the Knowledge Institute, you will gain:

  • An understanding of the 12 core business management disciplines for your business
  • Experience and systems to improve your decision making
  • Tools to build more strategic operating plans
  • Processes to create an integrated dashboard for improved management control.

Program Format:

Each level includes six topics plus an introductory session. Sessions are offered over a seven-month period, with one topic covered per month. At the end of the seven-month period, the business owner receives a certificate of completion if they have met all requirements of the program.

The format for each class is designed to be highly participative, drawing upon the knowledge and experience of those in the program. Each class will include an executive overview of the topic, facilitated dialogue on current practices, roundtable discussion and networking time with class members.


Each month:

  • Attend monthly 2- hour topic session.
  • Complete reading assignment prior to class. You will receive the workbook for the next month’s topic at each class session. Prior to the program, you will complete a questionnaire on the topics.
  • Network with at least 1 person from class during the month at breakfast, lunch, coffee, business visit, etc. Submit a networking form signed by both business owners into program manager.

Partner with OKSBDC Advisor at least 3 times during a level:

  • Meet within the first 30 days, at least 1 time between the third and fifth session and at the end of the level in the seventh month, after the final session. Partnering with your OSBDC advisor will help you apply your new knowledge and experiences in your business. An advising form is completed and maintained by the advisor.

If the participant is unable to attend a workshop session, they must schedule an appointment before the next class and cover the material with the OSBDC advisor in order to continue the level.