International Trade Center SBDC – Oklahoma State University

The Oklahoma Small Business Development Network offers one on one, world-class assistance for your business.

The OKSBDC network has high-quality consultants with CGBP credentials as well as hands-on experience to help you with your global strategy. Our advisors can assist individuals and companies at all stages of exporting: from those wondering about it, to those who have made some international sales, and even seasoned global entrepreneurs with years of experience.

We have a specialty center dedicated to fulfilling your needs and answering your questions on international trade. Our consultants will be able to assist you every step of the way, helping your company achieve greater sales and growth, by expanding your market opportunities to global level.

All the services we provide are high quality, totally confidential, and at no cost to you. All you have to do is give us a call to set up an appointment. Our organization has a statewide presence, and we are ready to address your particular needs.

For many companies the mere idea of going global could sound daunting; however, with the coaching and guidance from our experienced consultants, we help you overcome your initial fears and to gain a solid understanding that is comprehensive yet not overwhelming. With proper planning and ensuring that all the elements necessary for a successful international operation are in place, your ability to succeed in the global market place is exponentially multiplied.

Export and Import Assistance

The OKSBDC International Trade Center at the Oklahoma State University Wes Watkins Center offers export and import services to businesses in Oklahoma. Services include:

  • Export Readiness Assessment
  • Guidance for Entering International Markets
  • Compliance and Risk Management Assessment
  • International Finance Guidance
  • Export Training Workshops

“Anthony (Cambas) has been a core team member with our PELCO International Team from day one and has not only earned our respect, but in many ways is our leader until we are ready to take it on alone.”
-Mike Gilliland, Director of Foreign Opportunities, PELCO