Success Story…Dragon Kim’s Taekwondo and Fitness

Business description : Dragon Kim’s is a martial arts school located in Edmond , Oklahoma .

Problem Identification : Danny Harris, Eric Harris, and Grand Master Jin Young Kim had developed a business plan but realized that they needed assistance in obtaining an “unbiased “ review of the proposal and the projections . Clients were also in need of referrals for potential active lenders in the Oklahoma City area .

Assistance Provided : An in-depth analysis of the financial pro-forma and demographic data sets were provided by Associate Business Advisor, Larry Siebert. The advisor also directed clients to a source of possible lender listings.

Results Achieved : The Harris’s were successful in obtaining $1,701,000 in the form of a commercial loan from a lender in March of 2013 and along with that amount added $1,375,000 in owner investment . The total project included the development and capital needs with the full scope of development on the same location . The studio created four full time jobs at opening.

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