Success Story…Cherokee Nation Businesses


Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB) was incorporated in June 2004 and established a tribal corporation formed to diversify the interests of the Cherokee Nation into long-term sustainable businesses through acquisitions, joint ventures and expansions.

Marvin Fisher, Business Advisor with the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, provided guidance to CNB through the daunting process of completing the Tribal 8(a) application. Fisher provided CNB with one-on-one assistance to help ensure that CNB could take advantage of all the services offered through the OKSBDC Network.

After the 8(a) application was complete, the OKSBDC provided opportunity for CNB to make valuable contacts with other 8(a) companies. In addition, the Langston OKSBDC provided assistance with marketing and offered information regarding the surety bond program, which can be a huge obstacle for most disadvantaged businesses.

With the assistance of the OKSBDC, CNB is strategically positioned for growth and achievement of goals. Self reliance is an important mission of the Cherokee Nation is accomplished by providing strong financial returns and jobs for Cherokees, either by employing them through the Cherokee Nation, or subcontracting out to other Cherokee businesses. CNB is committed to taking full advantage of the 8(a) certification and the OKSBDC is a great resource for companies new to government contracting and to the 8(a) arena.

Cherokee CRC is another successful 8(a) venture with an emphasis in environmental solutions. Through Cherokee CRC is a new company, it brings more than 17 years of experience to the table through the involvement of minority owner and partner, Cheryl Cohenour, a Cherokee National tribal citizen. “This is a great opportunity for the Cherokee Nation to continue to diversify our business holdings,” said Chad Smith, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. “The Cherokee Nation has a centuries-old history of being a good steward of the environment so this new venture is a great fit for us as we continue to create jobs and improve the economy in northeastern Oklahoma.”