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The largest threat currently facing small business is Cybersecurity. With no or low cost tools and solutions to protect your customers, employee and business information, we are working hard to raise awareness of cyber risk within Oklahoma's small business community. Let us help get you up to speed on CyberSecurity resources and actionable items for your small business. We want to help you become CyberSmart!

OKSBDC Cybersecurity Workbook

When dealing with cybersecurity, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Small to medium sized business are particularly at risk because they are viewed by hackers as easier to penetrate due to their general lack of awareness and resources. The information in this workbook is a starting point for your planning and should be updated regularly. To download this workbook, please click on the button below. While this information is not a guarantee of safety, it does provide valuable knowledge every business can benefit from. While one cannot guarantee complete immunity to cyber attacks, following recommended processes and protocols may significantly decrease the chance of your business becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

Small Business Do's and Dont's of CyberSecurity White Paper

  • Simple guidance for understanding the risk to small businesses, security basics to protect against payment data theft, and where to go for help: Guide To Safe Payments
  • A list of common vendors small businesses rely on and specific questions to ask them to make sure they are protecting customer payment data: Questions To Ask Your Vendors
  • Real-life visuals to help identify what type of payment system small businesses use, the kinds of risks associated with their system, and actions they can take to protect it: Common Payment Systems

Test Your CyberSecurity Knowledge With This Quiz From Microsoft!

Downloadable Action Plans

These PDF format action plans were developed by Michigan SBDC and partners to provide valuable information to help keep your small business safe. They aren't a guarantee of safety, but they provide knowledge every business can benefit from.

Best Cyber Practices

This document discusses the most basic security practices that ALL businesses should be following as a baseline.

Staying Safe Online

This document is intended to assist businesses with password etiquette. Let's explore some of the practices when it comes to developing your passwords.

Securing Mobile Devices

This document is intended to assist businesses in taking the necessary steps needed to utilize the best security practices for employee mobile devices.

Vehicle Connection

This document is intended to assist businesses in taking the necessary steps needed to utilize the best security practices for businesses with a vehicle that connects to internet services such as OnStar, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Security Breaches

This document will help businesses decide how to start preparing, and some of the steps necessary to take in the event of a security breach.

Cyber Awareness Canvas

This working document will help businesses start a plan of action in cyber security.

Security Breach Recap

This document will recap and help businesses understand what to do and what not to do when it comes to a security breach.

More Online Learning

Take SBA's 30 minute online course on cybersecurity. This self-paced training exercise provides an introduction to securing information in a small business.

Getting Up to Speed on Cybersecurity Threats

Online Resources For Your Small Business